Commission Junction Up For Sale?

ReveNews speculates that ValueClick is planning to sell CJ and focus on its behavioral targeting business and perhaps build out an agency.

If I was eBay, I would be looking at this very very carefully. I would use leaving CJ as a leveragee to give it negotiating power so it can acquire it cheaper than anyone else. Once eBay buys it, it no longer has to invest in its own affiliate technology to increase margins. Plus, if I was ebay, I’ll combine it with the contexual program its testing and take on adsense (starting with its huge base of affiliate marketers who 100% also uses adsense). Futhermore, it can turn its world class internet marketing team/technology into a profit center rather than a cost center ... this is a bet that eBay NEEDS to make. and sounds like the ante is not that high either ...

Core Marketplace + Express + Pay Per Call + Pay Per Acquisition + “Future Initiatives” are all viable bets around the advertising/marketing (or simply customer acquisition) industry ... where Google hasnt gotten a strong head start.

Good Comments = Good Blog (+ Venture Financing Must Read)

The quality of a blog is reflected and supported by the quality of comments. VentureBeat (Matt Marshall) has by far the best blog in the industry (judged by the comments) because of the reader he attracts as active contributors to the community. Intead of the usual - “Great post, I love to kiss your ass” comments, there is actually a lot of knowledge/experience shared on almost any post.

Today’s post on Visto was thought provoking not only because of the post itself but because of the comments. Given that only 1/10 venture funded startups achieve liquidity, it is more likely than not that an entrepreneur will encounter a “down round” and/or “carve outs” during his time than an IPO. Thus the information on this thread is more important than learning how to price an IPO or put together a roadshow. Instead of learning from experiences, comments like these can save lots of heart aches down the road.